Technology-Driven Rupture Disc, Pressure Vessel, and Other Filtering and Fabrication Parts

Choose M.A. Olson Company in Topsfield, Massachusetts, to supply you with an efficient rupture disc or pressure vessel. We have all the components you need for your machine's filtration and fabrication processes.

Continental Discs

Groth Corporation™ is known for its relief valves and flame arresters. LaMOT™ is famous for its rupture discs. Both brands have a vessel safety protection feature for their pressure-relief rupture discs and holders. We also carry their burst disc indicators (B.D.I.) and alarms, as well as Groth's tank vents and safety relief valves.


As a distributor of Buflovak LLC products, we have dryers, drum flakers, evaporators as well as equipment designed for distillation and crystallization. Our company carries:

• Vacuum Dryers (Drum, Pan, Rotary, and Shelf)
• Single and Double Drum Dryers
• Cooling Drum Flakers
• Falling Film Evaporators


For engineered solids separation filter systems, the products we carry from Eaton Filtration LLC/Ronningen-Petter™ have liquid bag filters and strainers. This brand also has mechanical clean-in-place liquid filters and automatic backwashing filters. 

Cooling Tower

Manufactured with a non-corrosive cooling tower technology, the Delta Cooling Towers products we offer have maintenance-free, leak-proof, and seamless shells. HDPE shell casings carry a 20-year warranty.

Our low-maintenance cooling tower fans are bereft of gear boxes and belts. Open and closed systems with pump and control skids are available.


Equip your machinery with high-grade metering pumps from Lewa, Inc. We also have process diaphragm pumps for engineered systems dealing with HPLC, LPLC and SMB chromatography, blowing agents, supercritical fluids, and personal care products. 


Simplify fabrication with tanks and skids from Steel-Pro. We have stainless steel and alloy tanks as well as ASME code vessels. Our products are mainly used for breeching, ductwork, transitions, and stacks.


Bredel Pumps from Watson-Marlow are of high quality and made with a compact design. Our process peristaltic pumps are for transferring, metering, and dispensing. Our store also has hose and tube pumps, as well as seal-less and new QDOS metering pumps.

Contact us in Topsfield, Massachusetts, to get industry-specific components including our rupture disc, pressure vessel, and other parts.