Heavy-Duty Industrial Equipment for Various Manufacturing Processes

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Heat Exchangers

Expedite manufacturing processes with the latest heat exchangers and vacuum pumps from M.A. Olson Company. We have integrated and highly efficient equipment designed for a variety of industries.

Discs and Filters

Ensure the efficiency of your machinery and systems with our fail-proof and hard-wearing 
rupture disc, pressure vessel, and other
components. Our store also features metering pumps and dryers.

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Manufacturers' Agents National
Association™ (MANA)
More Than 50 Years in Business 

Our extensive knowledge base and dedication to continuous product development ensure efficient and reliable plant operations around the world. With our unsurpassed process application expertise, and state of the art analytical design tools we can solve virtually any mixing challenge no matter how complex.

View Products from Our Featured Brands:

Buflovak LLC
ADMIX Continuous + Batch High Shear Mixing                                              

       Continental Discs                                         
Delta Cooling Towers
Eaton Filtration LLC – Ronningen-Petter

Lewa Process Technologies – LPT
Lewa-Nikkiso America, Inc.
Lightnin Mixers
VAC-U-MAX Conveying Systems
Meto Corporation
| Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Patterson Kelly Solids Blenders
Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Continuous Mixing and Processing
Sturtevant, Inc. – solid milling
Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps

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Streamline your solid or liquid manufacturing process with top-of-the-line industrial equipment from M. A. Olson Company. Backed by more than 85 years of combined experience, we represent liquid and solid processing equipment suppliers in the New England area. Our company carries a wide range of branded equipment and parts including cooling towers, heat exchangers, filters, strainers, diaphragm metering, peristaltic, hose and vacuum pumps, low and High shear mixers, pressure vessels, rupture discs and relief vents. We also have solids conveying equipment both vacuum and pneumatic as well as platform/drum/blender lifts for all sorts of material handling applications.  Our products cater to the biotech, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, pulp & paper, and chemical process industries. Talk to our representatives today to get the personal assistance you need in purchasing the right equipment for you along with Design/Build Project Engineering Services if you need them.

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Contact us in Topsfield, Massachusetts, to order industrial equipment and parts to optimize your manufacturing process today.